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Alphakat GmbH works in the field of 
• engineering, production, development, R+D, electric and electronic from
• plants with the use of catalyst

The main product is the conversion plant for waste to fuel, copied from the crude oil production of the earth
• with the same structure of catalyst, the same product and the same 100 % environmental protected process only
• much faster with better structure of the catalyst (molecule fine, ion-exchange and 100 % crystallised), in a oil cycle instead a water cycle and with a turbine not in a sediment with the result of
• 3 minutes conversion time instead of 300.000.000 years.

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Alphakat GmbH works in some other sectors of the energy and environmental with catalytic processes of cleaning combustion, isothermic heat-pipe reactors, low pressure hydrogenation, ash-recycling and engineering work for development.

Alphakat is the partner for projects with the full solution of environmental problems of waste recycling. The product fuel instead the exhaust gas gives us also an energy solution. No other product has such a high calorific value and is so easy to store than middle distillate. Therefore the best environmental solution is also the best recovery of storable fuel. This is what the teacher earth is teaching us.