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  • After long term research in the field of catalytic reaction in hot oil atmosphere the break trough of the synthetic production of diesel from waste in 3 minutes reaction time in a high speed turbulence system
  • Production of high quality diesel for nearly all organic residue in quality level higher than the available quality
  • Production costs of 0,23 €/l (catalyst cost of 0,03 €/l) in the small size reactor KDV 500 and lower in a bigger size
  • No environmental impact with the ion-exchange catalyst with separation of the poison substances in form of salt and crystallized adsorber
  • Environmental protection as a basis for fuel production and creation of employment

Milestones in the Development of the Process by the Inventor

1971 Invention of special catalytic converters (cracking carburettors)
1972  New environmental-friendly fuels and conversion process (Mobil Oil process)
1981 Start of oil conversion development (Orinoco)

1998 /

 Test plant in Puchan / Korea
2000 Plant at Neuensalz
2004 KDV 500 Monterrey / Mexico
2005 KDV with turbine
2006 Spain / Italy
2007 Bulgaria