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Active ImageThe world wide priority patent with a turbine heated chemical plant - Production of diesel with the CDP-process, plant Canada. For enlarged view please  >> click here (pdf). 

Some people or companies pretend to have the rights to sell KDV 500 on the international market.

Please note that all rights regarding the plant or the catalyst for KDV 500 are exclusively with Buttenheim.

In case you should be contacted by people pretending to have the right to sell the KDV 500,  we would appreciate to be contacted by you in our Buttenheim office.

Thank you.

The company Alphakat used to have a very good relationship with all costumers, who had boughten a plant from Alphakat. Our costumers include  Ecoquim, Mr. Marcelo Fernandez, Berry Metals, Mr. Alfred Hambsch, Alphakat Bulgaria, Frau Prof. Gongalova. These costumers are very good friends. An important partner from Alphakat GmbH is the family of Dr. Hausmann. For the distribution, we work together with these following partners.

  • Grinó Lleida,
  • KDV Iberica,
  • company Global Energy,
  • my son Christian Koch with Mr. J. Hershkowitz,
  • Prof. Heimbürge,
  • Mr. Judek, Mr. Koppenhoefer,
  • Mr. Kasek in Uruquai,
  • Mr. Monville, Mr. Neumeier,
  • Alphakat-Diesel in Poland, Mr. Chudoba, Mr. Meier, Mr. Fehrenbach
  • Prof. Klepek in the Czech Republic,
  • Mr. Facini in Croatia and
  • Kdvsistemi only for Italy,
  • Mr. Schneider   
  • Mr. Borm

There are also a lot of "distributors“ of KDV working against us and damage our image and possible costumers. They have not the rights and the knowledge to do this and no facility to show the process. To this group belongs: 

  • UVK, Mr. Gruhnert
  • Green Power USA
  • NGR 700, Mr. Neuendorf
  • Magoi
  • B&B international,
  • Biolux
  • Groneberg, Loew, Gabric, Niemöller (former Alphakat Switzerland) and the companies called "Alphakat" and founded illegaly by these persons, e.g. Alphakat Poland, Australia, Turkey and others

Some groups start with the very old pyrolysis, like Ozmotech and Clyvia. Clyvia started with the copy of our old brochure, sentence by sentence. This is wrong, not only by copyright. This is also wrong, because you can not relate a fire heating vessel from outside with a turbine reactor with the friction heat inside.

Nearly every week one is able to see a new claim for a new KDV process by people, who want only money. This makes a lot of unseriosity.  We showed many people that the process is working. In one step you can convert with catalyst in the turbine all hydrocarbons in the structure of middle distillate with good quality. Maybe some of the 2000 or more visitors create the idea of their own money against us.

As you can see in the international patent rights, we have very good protection by patents and we are willing to cooperate with everybody in a fair co-operation. There is no reason to fight against us. WE have to solve so many problems in the environment. Therefore, the human responsibility should help to end this fight and find a real good co-operation in the world to use the chance we got from this invention.